Eco Stations

Modernity Awaits

Modernity Awaits

Polish State Railways (PKP) will begin building ‘ecological’ railway stations with construction starting at the turn of the year in Ciechanów, Mława and Nasielsk. According to Piotr Ciżkowicz, deputy chairman of PKP, the new railway stations will be functional, more comfortable for passengers and also ecological (green). Energy for the stations will be provided by heat pumps, solar panels and water recovery systems. As a result, the costs of maintaining such buildings will be much lower than today’s existing stations. The new railway stations will be built using modular technology which means that it will be possible to expand them if need be. What is more, the station walls will be painted with an anti-graffiti coating, benches and bicycle stands will be secured to prevent vandalism with a monitoring system providing additional protection. The construction of new stations is more cost-effective than renovating old ones. The cost of renovation totals approximately PLN 18 million as opposed to PLN 13 million for building a new eco-friendly one from scratch.

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