Poland Resigns from Euro 2020

Tough Call for Boniek

Tough Call for Boniek

Euro 2020 will not be staged in Poland. The Polish Football Association (PZPN) has withdrawn its candidacy from the pan-European football event. During a press conference in Warsaw, the head of the PZPN, football legend Zbigniew Boniek said that Poland will not apply to co-host the European championships. UEFA is planning to organise a tournament in thirteen stadiums across Europe. Recently, the Czech Football Association also withdrew. “We have decided to pull out of Euro 2020 for several reasons. First of all, our application would require a large number of guarantees and hard work and even then Poland stood little chance of being chosen to host a match at Euro 2020. On the other hand, I can say that instead of Euro 2020 we may be able to organize another event, which could even be bigger than Euro 2012. I will be able to announce the details in around six to seven months,” said Boniek.

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