Business of Football

Found a Friend

Found a Friend

The story of is trivial. On one day in 2007, four students from the Wrocław University of Economics were about to play football, however, they had no people to play with. They decided to establish a website, which would allow unknown people to get together and arrange a match completely for free. It turned out that no one in Poland had come up with the idea of bringing together football enthusiasts before and no one had spotted the business potential in it. Fortunately, the founders of Playarena were so motivated that within six years it became one of the largest sports initiative in the country. Today, the website has 150,000 active members and the company started making money after four years. The owners Wojciech Dudek and Piotr Popiel, came up with the idea of holding free competitions, and were later joined by a third owner, Jarosław Bojarski, in 2011. They made the money to finance the company during their holidays. “We needed around PLN 10,000, PLN 15,000 to start,” says Wojciech Dudek, chairman of the company. “Establishing the website was the easiest of the challenges facing us. Finding the right kind of business partnership and pursuing an effective marketing strategy were far more complicated. It was hard to convince people to cooperate with a new startup,” Dudek adds. Initially, their marketing strategy was rather irregular. When the founders were not studying, they were riding around on their bikes around Wrocław’s playgrounds with posters and banners. In 2007, social media in Poland was just starting so they concentrated on advertising outside. To begin with, the Playarena team needed over a year talking to people in the field to realise that they could meet players’ needs and provide a useful local service.

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