Polish Vegetarian Week

Sexy and Vegetarian

Sexy and Vegetarian

Poland’s National Vegetarian Week (12 May to 18 May) will be a great celebration with lectures, workshops, cooking demonstrations, tastings, film screenings, sports events and vegetarian cuisine fairs. Poland’s National Vegetarian Week is the largest and oldest event promoting vegetarianism in Poland and has been hosted by Viva! (Vegetarian’s International Voice for Animals) for the last eight years. The event aims at promoting healthy eating habits among Poles, familiarising them with the concept of vegetarianism, as well as drawing attention to the treatment of animals. As well as running workshops and picnics, Viva! and “Vege” magazine are premiering the film “Live and Let Live” this year. Vegetarian Week will begin on Monday, 12 May, at Warsaw’s Central metro station, where passersby can watch a 4 minute video showing what happens to animals before they reach the supermarket shelf. Commuters will receive an information brochure on vegetarianism and vegan snacks. The next major event will be a gala in the Palace of Culture and Science where vegetarian-friendly products and services will be awarded “V” stamps for their promotion of healthy living.

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