Is it Legal to BBQ?

Illegal Grilling?

Illegal Grilling?

We are all allowed to barbecue in our gardens, but some people may not know that barbecuing on one’s balcony is also permitted. The balcony is considered an integral part of one’s apartment, where we can do whatever we want as long as we do not cause any nuisance to our neighbours. However, we should bear in mind that our neighbours might not enjoy the smell of grilled pork on a sunny afternoon. If we do decide to barbecue on our balcony, we should be careful because pieces of charcoal can easily cause a fire. It is also worth noting that many cooperatives and housing associations prohibit any conduct that might be a nuisance to fellow residents, and this includes having a BBQ in a residental area. However breaking this prohibition is not punishable by any sanctions resulting from the Code of Petty Offences (KW) or other acts. Such prohibitions should be executed by the cooperative or housing association. Therefore, we should first ask if BBQing in a residental area is permitted. According to the law, we are also allowed to BBQ in public parks, however, we should familiarise ourselves with the statutes of the given park before deciding to grill our sausages there.

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