Polish Judo

Arleta Podolak

Arleta Podolak

The Polish judo team won the bronze medal in the team event of the European Championships in Montpellier. In the decisive match, Poland defeated Russia 3-2. Earlier, Agata Ornament (63kg) took third place in the individual event. The team that beat Russia comprised: world junior champion Arleta Podolak (57 kg), twice European runner-up Katarzyna Kłys (70kg) and Katarzyna Furmanek (70 kg). In qualification, Poland defeated Spain 4-1, but lost 0:5 to the host team in the quarterfinals. The female team went on to beat Bosnia and Herzegovina 4:1. The podium was also graced by Ewa Konieczny, Zuzanna Pawlikowska (both 52kg) , Ozdoba, Halima Mohamed- Seghir (both 63 kg) and Karolina Tałach (70 kg) .

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