Artists Trump Chemists

Vitruvian Man

Vitruvian Student

According to statistics, Polish scholars, historians and cultural experts are extremely resourceful. 9.6% of people aged 25-34 with MA diplomas in history, philosophy, cultural studies, Polish studies or linguistic studies have set up their own businesses. Medicine graduates come in second with 8.7%. These figures are confirmed by universities following the careers of graduates. After familiarising themselves with data from job centres, scholars from the Institute of Sociology at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań stated that only 1.7% of philosophy graduates are registered as unemployed. This is less than engineering graduates (2.4%) and psychology graduates (3.4%). Although humanities graduates may not seem as employable as mathematicians and IT specialists, they are still better than chemistry graduates (4.6% of all people registered unemployed). “The reason for this is that humanities graduates usually organise their own workshops and the suchlike,” says Justyna Sarnowska, sociology postgraduate of the University of Social Sciences and Humanities. “The situation on the job market is significant, because sometimes it is easier to set up a new business than get a full-time job,” she added.

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