Emigration Threat?

Tough Finding Work

Tough Finding Work

A little over 3% unemployment in six years may seem impossible but a recent guest on Polish Radio 24 believes that Polish companies must be prepared for difficulties in finding well-skilled workers in the near future. The Central Statistical Office (GUS) press secretary Arthur Satora said that specialists expect a considerable outflow of people from Poland. The number of working people could even drop by 2m. This is not a great deal lower than the number of unemployed people at present. This gap will not be filled by Poles returning from abroad, consequently, people from neighbouring countries should be encouraged to settle in Poland. Artur Satora points out that the birthrate is still relatively high in Ukraine so Ukrainians can find work in Poland. The Central Statistical Office will present a new demographic estimate for Poland at the end of the year. Various estimates indicate that ever since Poland joined the EU, between a few hundred thousand to more than 2m people have emigrated. Experts state that the unemployment rate will depend on whether more Poles leave the country.

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