German-Polish Economic Relations

Friends at Last?

Friends at Last?

In 2013, according to Polish data, Polish exports to Germany increased by 5.9% to €38.2 billion, while imports from Germany increased by 1.5% to €33.3 billion. Hence, Poland had a trade surplus with Germany of close to €5 billion. Germany is Poland’s largest trading partner by far. For Germany, Poland ranks 9th with regards to imports and 11th with regards to exports. Interestingly, according to German data, the trade balance was different: Germany’s exports to Poland exceeded imports from Poland by some €6.5 billion. The difference in data arises from differences in how re-exports are treated. If, for example, Polish imports from China are delivered through a port in Germany, German data records this as exports to Poland, whereas Polish data will show imports from China. Another favorable development is a further increase in Polish FDI in Germany, which in 2013 reached €1.3 billion. Nevertheless, this amount is dwarfed by German FDI in Poland, which is estimated at close to €26 billion.

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