Poland’s Constitution Day

Counting on Poland

Counting on Poland

US Secretary of State John Kerry said that Poland is a model for other nations and in a statement extended his wishes on the anniversary of Poland’s Constitution on 3 May. Kerry described Poland as a model for successful democratic transition and he commended Poland for supporting Ukraine. “On behalf of President Barack Obama and the American people, I extend warm wishes to the people of Poland on the 223rd anniversary of your constitution,” said Kerry. The head of the American diplomacy emphasised that the United States and Poland share “a remarkable history”. “It’s been well over two centuries since George Washington and Casimir Pulaski stood side by side as America was struggling for freedom. And it’s safe to say that our two countries have stood side by side ever since,” declared Kerry. He also added that Poland and the US in NATO have created “a security partnership which is stronger than ever”. Kerry referred to the joint training of US and Polish armed forces and also mentioned the fact that the troops of both countries have been fighting together in Afghanistan. He added that Poland’s road to democracy is “a powerful reminder that investment in democratic institutions creates the conditions for prosperity.” Referring to his November visit in Poland, the Secretary of State mentioned the great achievements of Poland’s late Prime Minister Tadeusz Mazowiecki and his fight for freedom and human rights. During this visit, Kerry visited the grave of Tadeusz Mazowiecki.

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