Solaris Beaten

BYD Wins Bid

BYD Wins Bid

Ten electric buses manufactured by BYD will join the municipal bus operator fleet (MZA) in Warsaw. The Chinese manufacturer won the historic first tender for electric buses in Warsaw. In 2013, BYD buses underwent tests in several Polish cities and were given the thumbs-up by both operators and passengers. The electric buses will operate along the most common tourist route, the Royal Tract and Varsovians will be able to get on board this Autumn. The Polish capital will join cities like Amsterdam, London, Milan, Tel Aviv, Kuala Lumpur and Hong Kong that have been using BYD buses for several years. The BYD ebus is a pure electric city bus. Depending on the version, there are about 25 seats and one for a passenger in a wheel-chair. The bus has a set of iron-lithium-phosphate batteries which allow for standard charging. The solar panels, which have been fixed to the top, feed the ventilation and air-conditioning systems. Poland’s largest bus nanufacturer and BYD rival Solaris Bus & Coach S.A. issued an official statement on the tender called by MZA in Warsaw. The Polish company claims that they offered a better product, with better technical parameters, but it was difficult for them to compete with the cheaper Chinese vehicle. According to the company, the Chinese bidder offered a ridiculously low price and Solaris has decided to appeal against the MZA tender to the National Chamber of Appeal (KIO).

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