More US Soldiers in Poland

United Front

United Front

“On Wednesday, soldiers of the 173rd Airborne Brigade Combat Team will be landing at the military airport in Świdwin. The group of 150 soldiers together with Polish troops will receive training in Drawsko Pomorskie. The aim of the training is to improve their military and intuitive skills,” said the PM Donald Tusk. “The number of soldiers can be increased, if need be,” he added. Members of Civic Platform (PO) believe that only good cooperation with the USA can give Poland a guarantee of peace and safety. “Neither training nor the presence of American soldiers should be regarded as something temporary. We hope that in the future this presence will be much more visible. We want to create a strong bond between our countries so we can depend on each other in time of crisis,” stressed the Prime Minister before his flight to Brussels. In addition, he mentioned that the intensive cooperation with the USA can help Poland consolidate its defence policy. Tusk understands that due to the conflict in Ukraine, Polish people want to feel safe. Thus, Poland will become increasingly more involved in NATO activities. “The goal of this is to ensure Poland is not ignored by other members and is treated as a vital element of the organisation,” he explained. The American soldiers will be welcomed by Tomasz Siemoniak, the Minister of National Defence; Lech Majewski, the Supreme Commander of the Polish Armed Forces; Stephen D. Mull, United States Ambassador to Poland and Richard C. Longo, the Deputy Commanding General for Initial Military Training. The 173rd Airborne Brigade Combat Team is best known for its activitied during the Vietnam War. The brigade headquarters are found in Vicenza, Italy.

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