PiS on Family

Family Man?

Family Man?

“We want a good policy on families to become one of the most important goals of the EU. However, I want to stress that by saying family I mean one consisting of a man, woman and children,” said Law and Justice (PiS) leader Jarosław Kaczyński during a press conference in Warsaw. The conference was devoted to the notion of the family in contemporary society. “The family is an extremely important institution. It is the source of our strength, power and values,” he continued. “Thanks to the family, we are able to plan our personal future as well as the future of our community,” said the PiS chairman. “Recently, Polish families have experienced a tough time; a time of emigration. Many Polish people have managed to find well-paid jobs abroad, however, these jobs have forced them to abandon their relatives,” said Kaczyński. “A lack of jobs and jobs that require unbelievable effort should be regarded as a great danger to Poland. We must do everything in our power to do away with this,” he added. “When we were in power, we created 1,300,000 new workplaces and reduced taxes. Our family policy assumes the establishment of free kindergartens and a number of free services for children such as consulting rooms and canteens at schools. In addition, we guarantee that families will receive benefits of PLN 500 per each child. This will be partially funded by the EU,” said Kaczyński. While answering questions, Kaczyński kept stressing that all these benefits would be provided only for traditional families: a man, woman and children. “We have to protect humans from the moment of conception to death. Since the family is the fundamental unit of every nation, we have to put an end to all factors that might destroy it,” said Kaczyński.

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