Poland Human Rights Better

Human Rights Court

Human Rights Court

Increasingly fewer Polish cases go before the European Court of Human Rights. There were also fewer negative verdicts last year compared to previous years. This resulted in Poland’s fall from 7th to 12th place among the states of the Council of Europe with most cases in the ECHR. However, with regards to compensation in 2013, Poland paid out one of the highest amounts, over PLN 4 million, which is one million more than in 2012. Justyna Chrzanowska, the Plenipotentiary of the Minister of Foreign Affairs for Proceedings before the European Court of Human Rights, explains that the PLN 4 million Poland paid last year was the result of verdicts pronounced towards the end of 2012. “However, there was one more reason for the increased amount paid in 2013: compensation pertaining to guaranteed rights, that is the right to the protection of property. In these types of cases the level of compensation is always much higher,” Justyna Chrzanowska adds.

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