New Polish Constitution

Palikot Proposes Change

Palikot Proposes Change

Controversial politician Janusz Palikot decided to present a new Constitution bill on 3 May in the middle of the Polish capital while President Bronisław Komorowski was celebrating the anniversary of the 3 May Constitution in church. Palikot complained that it is outrageous for the President to participate in such events in church: “A visit to the Vatican or events concerning the Pope or suchlike are perfectly understandable, but this is not”. In Palikot’s opinion, more effort should be put into strengthening secularity in Poland. Krzysztof Iszkowski, a Your Movement (TR) candidate for the European Parliament, says that the proposed Constitution would prepare Poland for joining the euro. Other changes result from implementing the party programme i.e. the elimination of the senate and the separation of the state and Church, which would mean doing away with the concordat and religious education in public schools. TR intends to reduce the number of MPs and wants to guarantee gender equality and equality for sexual minorities. The party also wants to force a public debate on the current Constitution which has been in force since 1997.

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