Polish Robin Hood

Slice of the Pie

Slice of the Pie

The province of Mazowsze (which includes Warsaw) wishes to borrow PLN 400m to pay off the so-called ‘Janosik’ (Robin Hood) tax, which in effect sees richer provinces subsidising poorer ones. Simultaneously, the province still wants to fight for the money it paid to poor local governments. The head of the province Adam Struzik said that the loan is essential for the province to balance the books and keep its budget viable. However, this does not mean that the province of Mazowsze will not fight for the money they already paid to poorer areas, despite the verdict of the Constitutional Tribunal. Adam Struzik highlighted the fact that the province also wanted to take a loan out last year when a deficit of PLN 220m did not allow the province to pay the fourth instalment of the ‘Robin Hood’ tax.
Gazeta Prawna

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