Oldest Runner in World

Future of Fitness?

Future of Fitness?

This weekend Stanisław Kowalski, will attempt to beat the world record for being the oldest person to run the 100 metres. “I will live until I die, so I’m not about to give up now,” smiles Mr. Kowalski was born in 1910 and is now 104 years old. He is in impressive shape despite his years. His best result for the 100 metres is 34 seconds. What is interesting is that he was never a professional sportsman. “I have been walking or riding a bike for 10 kilometres to work for years,” said the centenarian. “I don’t go to doctors and I everything I can myself.” Stanisław Kowalski will participate in the 100 metres event this weekend at the Wroclaw AWF stadium and will attempt to establish a new world record for his age group. The current record holder is a Japanese man, who ran the 100 metres in 28 seconds. Stanisław Kowalski has impressed Marek Plawgo, a former Olympian who took a part in the Olympic 400 metres. He posted a message on Facebook: “The oldest European in history to complete a 100 metres run was 96 years old. Stanisław Kowalski, a resident of Świdnica, is now 104 and will attempt to establish a new European record in a category which has no participants. This means that Mr. Kowalski is only obliged to finish to be a record holder! We will be there at the Wroclaw AWF arena to cheer on the great sportsman.”

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