Poles Buy More New Cars

Superb Figures

Superb Figures

According to Samar, the automotive market research company, April is now the eleventh month in a row that has seen a significant rise in car sales in Poland. According to the Central Vehicle Registry (CEP), 31,337 cars were sold in April. There has been a rise of 14.21% in car sales compared with April 2013. Skoda sold the greatest number of cars (17,624) and were the top selling brand in Poland. Volkswagen was the second most popular make of car among Poles, selling 12,683 cars. This is an increase of 37.54% in comparison with last year. Third place went to Toyota which sold 12,315 cars and a rise in total sales of 52.45%. Ford sold 8,628 cars and saw a rise of 31.56%. Opel came last in the table and sold 8,400 and saw a 37.75% increase in profit compared to last year’s sales. The Skoda Octavia was 2014’s best selling car (5,483 cars sold). The Skoda Fabia came second with 3,965 being sold. The Toyota Auris came third with 3,808 cars sold. 3,725 Ford Focuses were sold and 3,108 models of the Skoda Rapids were sold.

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