Polish Matura

School-leaving Exam

School-leaving Exam

The ‘matura’ is Poland’s main school-leaving, matriculation examination. According to Waldemar Siwiński, head of the Perspektywy education foundation: “the matura is a simple exam and Poland’s high-school students are prepared for it.” Over 80% of students pass the ‘matura’, he explains and says that the examination is a great deal easier than in the past, when only about 20% of candidates passed the exam. Siwiński claims that this is due to the huge scale of the exam. “Nowadays, it is no longer a ‘maturity exam’, but simply another series of tests for students to pass in order to get to university.” The matura began this week with the obligatory examination in Polish language, the first of several for students throughout the whole of Poland. The examinations will last until the end of the month.

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