Warsaw Earnings

Earning Less

Earning Less

Officials at Warsaw city hall made less money this year than in previous years. Życie Warszawy has informed its readers, however, that most officials still make more than PLN 200,000 a year. Deputy mayor Jacek Wojciechowicz made the the most, almost PLN 15,000 more than the mayor herself. Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz, who works both at city hall and as a university lecturer, made PLN 258,000 plus PLN 2,400 in royalties. Last year, she made PLN 262,000. Her deputies also made less this year. Jacek Wojciechowicz made PLN 274,000 (PLN 71,000 less than in 2012). Michał Olszewski, responsible for, among others, social housing and business activities made PLN 241,000 which is PLN 8,000 less than in 2012. Last year, the Warsaw city treasurer made PLN 245,000 (as compared to PLN 281,000 in 2012). The reason for this drop in earnings is, among others, a lack of bonuses. Before, bonuses were awarded three times a year. “On the basis of an agreement with trade unions, we only awarded bonuses once last year, whereas this year there are no bonuses any more,” said city hall spokesperson Agnieszka Kłąb.

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