Food Dyes and Preservatives



We are what we eat. Every year, we eat about 2kg of chemicals contained in food, which is equal to three boxes of washing powder. Nutritionists warn us that in several years we will become regular customers of pharmacies. Poor eating habits will affect our resistance to disease and our weight. Food market shelves are like mini chemistry labs. This has been tested on guinea pigs who die if they feed on artificially grown lettuce, which contains many chemicals. This is the same with other vegetables. It is impossible to check their chemical composition, because neither supermarkets nor bazaars give information about food production and storage. Consumers believe that they are aware of what they buy but nothing could be further from the truth. We usually do quick shopping and choose food that looks good. If tomatoes are big and perfectly round it may mean that they were grown on chemically-rich soil. New pharmaceuticals technologies enhance the appearance of food with the help of steroids and antibiotics, which accelerate their growth and protect the food from disease. Similarly, chickens fed n steroids can grow in half a month instead of half a year.

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