Mining the Key

Strong Community

PM Copying President

“Mining must become the basis of our energy security,” declared Prime Minister Donald Tusk in Katowice while opening the sixth European Economic Congress. Tusk admitted that in order to achieve this goal the country must support him. A large part of the PM’s speech was devoted to the crisis, which, he emphasised, had revealed many weaknesses in the modern economy. He also explained how the quest for a quick and easy profit may lead to a lack of responsibility for the community. “Here in Silesia you can clearly see that the term ‘community’ is not an archaic word,” Tusk added. The PM also stated that the challenges facing the energy sector have become even more relevant because of events in Ukraine. He stressed that the conflict has demonstated the importance of energy security for Poland. The PM explained that the government is working on become energy independent. Tusk also believes that focusing on the coal industry lies in everybody’s best interests. During the conference, issues such as energy security and industrial competitiveness were discussed. Negotiations also took place between the EU and USA concerning a revolutionary free trade agreement.

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