Motorway Corruption

Price of Infrastructure

Price of Infrastructure

The Silesian police have detained the construction supervisor of the Gorzyczki-Świerklany section of the A1 motorway. He is suspected of corruption. The man was detained by officers from the anti-corruption squad in Katowice. They had been investigating irregularities in the construction of the Silesian section of the A1 for several months. The detainee is the construction supervisor for Alpine Bau, the chief developer. “He is facing 30 charges of corruption,” says DCI Tomasz Gogolin of the Silesian police. The construction supervisor accepted approximately PLN 70,000 in bribes between 2008 and 2009. In September, investigators detained several other people in connection with 114 counts of corruption amounting to PLN 400,000 in bribes. Among the suspects is a man who formerly held a managerial position in the Alpine Bau consortium. According to the Regional Prosecutor’s Office in Gliwice, which is handling the case, evidence shows the wide span of corruption between people holding managerial positions in Alpine Bay and local companies. The case includes many people, businesses, and irregularities that took place while building the motorway. Alpine Bau was building the Świerklany-Gorzyczki section of the A1, Kaczkowo-Korzeńsko section of the S5 and national highway number 16 from Biskupiec to Borki Wielkie. In the middle of construction, the company declared that it would not finish building the A1. Last year bankruptcy proceedings were instigated against Alpine.

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