PO to win Euroelections

Ready for Victory?

Ready for Victory?

According to IBRiS Homo Homini forecasts, Civic Platform (PO) will come out on top in the elections to the European Parliament in Poland but it will have the same number of seats as Law and Justice (PiS). The IBRiS Homo Homini poll commissioned by Rzeczpospolita, RMF FM, and Interia.pl is the most comprehensive poll yet carried out before the elections at the end of May. The poll looked at the popularity of parties and its leaders among voters. The poll contains questions that are usually asked of one thousand respondents across the country but in this case the polls were distributed to one thousand participants in each province (there were two thousand in the Mazovian Province as it contains two constituencies). According to the poll, as many as six parties will cross the electoral threshold (five years ago only four managed the feat). 31% of Poles will vote for PO, giving them 17 mandates (8 fewer than in 2009). PiS will get the same number (2 fewer than five years ago). IBRiS predicts that they will be supported by 30% of Polish voters. Third place will fall to the Democratic Left Alliance (SLD), supported by 13% of voters. The Polish People’s Party (PSL) will retain its four seats with 7% of votes. New parties like Europa Plus (EP) (6%), Your Movement (TR) (6%) and Congress of the New Right (KNP) (5%) will have three seats each.

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