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Samsung Faces Challenges

It is better to buy an inferior smartphone and pay a low monthly subscription than pay off an expensive phone in monthly instalments. According to GFK Polonia, the sale of economy smartphones is steadily rising. Michał Zieliński stresses that this trend concerns cheaper models of well-known manufacturers as well as Polish manufacturers. This might be the effect of better quality B-brand products or SIM-only discount packages offered by operators. For instance, the Kruger & Matz Soul has a similar screen size to the Samsung Galaxy SIII. Both devices have quad-core processors and the same OS. However, the price of the Galaxy SIII is twice as high. Moreover, Manta is proud of its Quad Galactic which matches such models as the Galaxy Ace 3 or the more expensive HTC Desire 500. “Users of the first Polish-Chinese devices initially had problems with the software as some parts of the menu were in Chinese. Today, the software, components and screens are of much better quality,” according to GSMonline.pl reporter Wojciech Piechocki. The price war between network operators is encouraging users to buy generic smartphones and now one can get a subscription with unlimited calls for as little as PLN 19 per month.
Gazeta Prawna

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