Modlin Suing Erbud

Airstrip Saga Continues

Airstrip Saga Continues

The case of the Modlin airstrip has gone to court. Mazovian airport authorities have directed a lawsuit against Erbud Group. They are demanding PLN 35 million plus interest in compensation for the airstrip built by Erbud Group. The contractor does not agree with the allegations, and the company’s lawyer Mariusz Moczydłowski said that the subcontractor was responsible for work on the Modlin airstrip. “In order to return air traffic to Modlin, Erbud Group, in agreement with the investor, fulfilled repair work on the airstrip. The management of Erbud Group maintains its position that it had no impact on the damage caused thereto,” said Mariusz Moczydłowski. The CEO of Modlin airport Piotr Okienczyc is not commenting on the case and is waiting for the court decision. When cracks and holes appeared on the airstrip, the airport had to be closed from the end of December 2012 until July 2013.

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