Taxes Cause Bad Moods

Extremely Taxing

Extremely Taxing

According to the “Poles on Taxes 2014” survey conducted for the Adam Smith Center, 34% of Poles are in a bad mood and 21% feel like they are being robbed when they submit their personal income tax (PIT) declarations. The survey shows that 71% of Poles do not like submitting PIT declarations. Additionally, when submitting PIT forms 6% of people get nervous in the same way they do when they visit the dentist, the survey shows. Andrzej Sadowski, vice-president of the Adam Smith Center, claims that the findings of the survey result from the popular belief that taxes are too high and that the government does not spend the money well. Sadowski said that “we do not see the point in paying taxes and, while it is our duty, we do not feel comfortable with it.” The survey also reveals that only 23% of Poles are afraid of the Polish tax office and that this percentage is slightly lower among women. According to Robert Gwiazdowski, president of the Adam Smith Center, Polish people are more eager and brave in fighting for their rights in courts as they often consider the decisions of the tax authorities to be unfair. Moreover, the study shows that 65.2% of respondents like the officials in tax offices. Professor Dominika Maison, an expert from the Adam Smith Center, thinks that “Poles know that tax is too high and complicated because of politicians, not tax office workers.” According to the survey, Polish people are becoming less tolerant of high taxes every year. 88% of people think that taxes are too high and 89% believe they should be low. Sadowski claims that Polish people are more aware of the importance of taxes than members of parliament and politicians, who often support tax increases. Furthermore, he says that the number of people who are convinced that they could manage their budget better is increasing.

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