Dangerous Chocolate

Not Tasty

Not Tasty

The Lidl chain of discount stores in Romania has recalled chocolate produced in Poland because of the Salmonella bacteria found in the chocolate, according to the Romanian website Business Review. The website also reports that traces of the dangerous bacteria were found in Lidl stores in Cluj, the second largest city in Romania. Lidl Romania decided to recall the coconut-flavoured chocolate produced in Poland, even though customers have not filed any complaints. What is more, Lidl will reimburse customers who bought the chocolate even if they no longer have their receipt. The website also stated that the Romanian Food Safety Authority has informed the Polish government about the situation. The good news is that the chocolate is not sold in Polish stores so Polish customers do not have to worry. What is more, laboratory tests conducted in Poland have not revealed any Salmonella bacteria in the bad Romanian batch. The producer of the product has sent a statement and the test results to Lidl HQ, according to the Lidl press office in Poland. Patrycja Kamińska from the press office in Poland adds that Lidl Romania has requested further tests of the bad batch, which are now being conducted.

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