Money Under the Table

Stop Corruption

Stop Corruption

According to research, more than half of young employees in private companies have received money under the table, additional to their salaries. The research was conducted by the Centre for Social Prevention and the Department of Education of the School of Business and attended by workers of private companies, corporations, state institutions, local governments and company owners. This has shed more light on the issue of employment on commission contracts or task-based contracts. This includes every third employee of a private company, aged 20-30, being paid the lowest possible rate. Professor Mariusz Jędrzejko, the research project manager, revealed that as many as 57% of these employees receives extra money, in addition to their official salaries. According to Dominika Staniewicz, an expert in the job market, “when there is an economic downturn, employers often have the choice to either reach an agreement with employees to unofficially pay them the same as before, though officially less, or be forced to lay off a part of the work force.”

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