Sexy Politicians

Naive Jędrzejczak

Naive Jędrzejczak

Why do celebrities try their hand at politics? According to Piotr Tymochowicz, the marketing and PR guru who previously worked with Janusz Palikot and the late Andrzej Lepper: “They really make a political party much more sexy, but they should keep their mouths shut.” The last few days of the European election campaign has been about celebrities. Otylia Jędrzejczak (the former Olympic swimming gold medallist) and Maciej Żurawski (the former footballer who played for Celtic and Poland) were recently in the news talking about climate change and the Kyoto Protocol. Neither knew what the Kyoto Protocol was. The former world boxing champion, Tomasz Adamek, when asked by a journalist about his axiological values (in reference to a comment made by a member of his party), retorted: “You want to take me from behind?” It seems that, at the moment, these celebrities are doing more harm than good. “If you consider politics to be the creation of brands and products, then getting celebrities on board is only logical,” explains Piotr Tymochowicz. He goes on to say that unknown politicians are treated as half-finished products. The famous ones are the finished article, but celebrities, however, are super products. “Famous people are extremely effective tools in election campaigns. But from the point of view of Poland, they are a disaster. They do not bring anything meaningful into politics,” concludes Tymochowicz.

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