Hungarian PM Visits Poland

Partner for Poland?

Partner for Poland?

“Hungary, in cooperation with Poland, would like to shape the future of Central Europe and the EU,” according to Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban. He also pointed to the friendship between the two countries which he said, “has stood the test of time.” Orban also mentioned that Hungary and Poland not only share the past but also the future. PM Victor Orban decided to visit Warsaw soon after his recent re-election. At a joint press conference held in Warsaw with his Polish counterpart Donald Tusk, Orban informed the press that he wanted to visit Poland to show Polish people that the Hungarian government is deeply tied to the historical friendship between Poland and Hungary. According to the Hungarian PM, his government wants lead on foreign policy and Central Europe, where Poland plays a key role. He also thanked Poland for the support and respect that Hungary has received from Warsaw and “the support that I have received personally,” he added.

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