Sikorski: Ukraine Right to Use Force

Sikorski Backs Ukraine

Sikorski Backs Ukraine

“Ukraine has the right to use force,” according to Polish Minister of Foreign Affairs Radosław Sikorski. “If an airport is seized, Ukraine has the right to take it back. However, we do not know what Russia will do next,” said Mr Sikorski on TVN24. “The Ukrainian state is not in good condition. It has been corrupted and weakened by Yanukovych,” said Minister Sikorski responding to a journalist’s question about whether Ukrainians had the right to be impatient with the new state authorities. “A persistent rumour has it that Yanukovych has been funding some Russian activities and is dreaming of coming back and playing an important role in Ukraine,” he added. Mr Sikorski also referred to President Putin’s demand that the UN should condemn action by Kiev in eastern Ukraine. “I would like to know which clause of which international treaties has been broken,” said Radosław Sikorski. “Putin now has a problem with credibility. Western Europe is providing huge financial aid to Ukraine and military aid may be provided by allies. Ukraine may well get as much as €5 billion in the upcoming weeks,” he said explaining the lack of any declaration to provide military aid to Ukraine. “The conflict is the greatest crisis in international politics since the disintegration of the Soviet Union,” Mr Sikorski declared. Poland’s head of diplomacy also mentioned the change that the President of Russia has undergone over the years. “Putin was the first ever Russian leader to come to Katyń and recognise the European narrative of the Second World War in Gdańsk. It is Putin who has changed,” claims the Polish Minister of Foreign Affairs. Radosław Sikorski claims that by annexing Crimea, Russia will suffer a loss of prestige and financial clout. “The cost of seizing the peninsula has been much higher than Russia originally calculated. The world will not able to change the fact that Crimea has been annexed,” said Mr Sikorski.

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