Metro in Kraków?

Underground in Kraków?

Underground in Kraków?

The construction of the first underground line in Kraków would cost between PLN 8bn to PLN 12bn. It would be 19 km long, linking the borough of Nowa Huta with the city centre and the borough of Bronowice. The citizens of Kraków will give their opinion about this investment during a referendum on 25 May. The preliminary concept as well as the pros and cons of the project were introduced at a pre-referendum debate last week. Stanisław Albrith, the man behind the idea, estimates that the metro will serve 20,000 people a day. According to his calculations, the underground trains will travel at an average speed of 38-40 km an hour. Trams in Kraków, by contrast, reach an average speed of 14-22 km an hour. However, opponents consider the idea of a metro useless as it will not shorten the time of travel. Moreover, the high cost of maintaing the underground will mean that other forms of public transport are neglected. According to Marek Bauer, an engineer at the Kraków University of Technology, the concept of a so-called pre-metro, that is an expansion of the tram network, would be the best solution.

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