Polish Customer Service

Poland Needs to Improve

Poland Needs to Improve

Although the popular saying “the customer always comes first” is sacrosanct for many Polish companies, one may wonder if they really know the meaning of the phrase. Despite the economic transformation that took place over 25 years ago, customer service in Poland is still far behind the West. What are the most common mistakes made by Polish companies? For example, complaining is seen as a Polish national trait. Entrepreneurs from Poland are not able to use multiple communication channels effectively. A devastating report released by Limtel shows that online chat, which is an incredibly useful tool, is used by less than 20% of Polish companies, while it has become standard in the West. Polish entrepreneurs also have difficulty in the appropriate handling of e-mails and constantly spam customers. A greater number of customers means more interaction, which directly translates into an ever increasing amount of customer data. This requires an efficient management system, which explains the growing interest in CRM systems. For example, within a few seconds a telephone consultant has access to a customer’s entire history, which may save a great deal of time. According to a report released by the Interactive Market Research Institute 51% of customers positively evaluated customer service when enquiring about information on a product or service. Unfortunately, many sales people tend to forget that their role is not only to sell goods and collect money, but also to counsel and inspire trust. In Poland more often than not they do not offer any help, do not inspire trust, and do not try to build long-term relationships with customers, which is a key to having stable sales for every company.

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One comment

  1. lifelonglocalforeigner · May 15, 2014

    As a customer in Poland, I always feel like I’m inconveniencing the workers just by being there! I would love to see the situation improve – it would be so refreshing!


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