Hyperion 2 is Ready

Martian Surface

Martian Surface

Students from Poland have built yet another Mars rover. Hyperion 2 was constructed by students from the Białystok University of Technology and on 29 May it will take part in a competition on the Martian base in the Utah desert. It is the fourth rover made by Białystok University that will take part in the competition. The University Rover Challenge in Utah is a prestigious, international, annual robotics competition for students who design and build Mars rovers. Representatives of the Białystok University of Technology have won the competition twice: last year with Hyperion and in 2011 with Magma 2. 31 student teams have registered for the competition this year including teams from the US, Canada, India, Bangladesh, Egypt and Poland. Apart from the Białystok University of Technology team, there will also be teams from Rzeszów, Warsaw, Częstochowa and Szczecin. Hyperion 2, like their previous rovers, was built at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at the Białystok University of Technology. According to the coordinator of the group Michał Grześ, the robot is ready and now has to be tested. He also added that the design of the rover is similar to the previous one but is much more advanced. It weights approximately 50 kg. Grześ stressed that apart from taking part in the competition, meetings with other constructors are also important because it is an opportunity to share experiences in order to build better rovers in the future. Hyperion 2 was built thanks to funding from the Polish Ministry of Science. It received a total of PLN 366,000, used to build the two rovers.

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