Is God Still Calling?

Numbers Dwindling

Numbers Dwindling

The number of men who hear the calling to the priesthood is decreasing. “This is a reflection of the state of young people’s lives in Poland. The number of callings is rapidly dropping. Currently, almost 3,000 clergymen are studying in dioceses across Poland. The figure was over 4,000 five years ago. What is more, the number of women considering a life devoted to Christ is also decreasing rapidly. The Catholic priest Professor Krzysztof Pawlina says, “young people no longer want come to seminaries and they also do not want get married any more.” Father Pawlina admits that this highlights a more serious social problem associated with values such as sacrifice, charity and perseverance. In his opinion, the lack of these values is the cause of many divorces, sometimes soon after marriage. People abuse one another and do not give themselves to others. Furthermore, in his view, it is a mistake to begin life in a seminary without devoting oneself to the service of others. Such a priest or nun is simply unhappy.

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