Warsaw Uprising on Big Screen

Warsaw Uprising Film

Warsaw Uprising Film

Poland’s capital recently witnessed the première of the film Powstanie Warszawskie (Warsaw Uprising), which was compiled using authentic chronicles of the Uprising of 1944. After seeing the film, Professor Witold Kiezun, who was one of the insurgents immortalised in the film, said the picture showed the “incredible unity” of Warsaw’s citizens during that fateful time. “In a moment you will see us all, the Warsaw insurgents, in their legendary struggle for freedom,” said the professor to the audience at the première. The film was produced by the Warsaw Uprising Museum in Warsaw. “Powstanie Warszawskie is unique and innovative work. It tells the story of normal Warsaw citizens who were ready to pay the highest price for freedom,” says Jan Ołdakowski, the director of the museum. “The citizens of Warsaw are the main heroes of the film, soldiers fighting on the barricades, nurses, people building barricades, people hiding from bombs in their basements, they were all either killed or wounded,” added Ołdakowski.

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