Bicycles for Polish Officials

Leading the Way

Leading the Way

Alternative modes of transport as well as alternative fuels are becoming increasingly popular across the continent. Europeans are using bicycles instead of cars ever more frequently. The Polish government has decided to implement an innovative solution for its officials. About ten high-ranking officials have become the proud owners of such an alternative mode of transport. The decision was taken due to budget savings, according to Rzeczpospolita. Using bicycles instead of expensive cars is much cheaper, environmentally friendly and beneficial to one’s health. The Warsaw city spokeswoman says, “bikes are a convenient alternative to car, they are easy to ride even on narrow roads and it do not create traffic jams. What is more, you do not have to pay for parking.” Officials from the cities of Gdańsk and Łódź have weighed in with their support for the idea and have suggested the use of electric bicycles also.

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