Papal Business

Saintly Argument

Saintly Argument

Wadowice, the birthplace of Pope John Paul II, has become more holy than the Pope with portraits of the late John Paul II or his favourite cream cakes on sale on every corner. Some people in Wadowice have begun opposing the way the Pope has been used by locals. Recently, there was a resolution by Wadowice councillors regarding a group of residents who wanted to seriously disrupt the celebrations of the canonisation of John Paul II. The resolution read: “To our enormous astonishment, as well as disgust and sorrow, the actions of some people who represent radical leftist circles want to disrupt the celebrations by spreading materials that question the holiness of John Paul II.” An association called the Free Wadowice Initiative was founded. Its main aim is to free Wadowice of using the image of the Polish pope for commercial purposes by the local council. Last year they initiated a referendum to dismiss the local mayor and the town council, but it fell through due to a low turnout (14%).

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