Adamek to ‘Cure’ Homosexuality

Boxer Turned Politician

Boxer Turned Politician

Tomasz Adamek, the professional heavyweight boxer and former WBC champion, recently decided to enter the world of politics. “When I met Zbigniew Ziobro, the leader of United Poland (SP) nine years ago, I told him that there will be time for a political fight. The time has now come,” said Adamek. One of the main points of Adamek’s political programme is defending the Catholic Church. He stresses the fact that he was brought up in a conservative Catholic family and is determined to fight for traditional values. In Dzień Dobry TVN he expressed his opinion on homosexuality: “God created Adam and Eve. Let’s not interfere with God’s plan. Nowadays, man tries to tell God what to do, that his plan should be different. But God’s plan is real and I’m going to stand by it. Is being gay or lesbian healthy? It’s a great sin. These people need to be cured.” He added that performing exorcisms on homosexuals could be a way to “heal” them. Adamek will be representing United Poland in the upcoming elections to the European Parliament. United Poland is currently allied with the UK Independence Party in the EFD Eurosceptic group in the European Parliament.

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