Driving Licences Seized

Time to Hand Over

Time to Hand Over

The Ministry of Interior in Poland has petitioned the government to tighten traffic regulations. Draft amendments to the Traffic Act and Drivers Act provide, for example, the temporary revoking of driving licenses for drivers exceeding the statutory speed limit by at least 50 km/h, or for having an excessive number of passengers in the vehicle. If the amendments come into force, the above violations will result in a 3-month suspension of a driver’s licence, while a repeated violation of regulations might even lead to its complete revocation. Such solutions are practised in half of all EU states and, according to Paweł Majcher, the spokesman for the Ministry of Interior, they bring positive results. He highlights the fact that in each of these countries these regulations have contributed significantly to an improvement of safety on roads. However, the initiative is also being widely criticised and it is stated that greater safety in the EU should be mostly attributed to the better condition of roads and safer pedestrian crossings, etc., and not to such regulations. However, the Ministry of Interior remains relentless and as Paweł Majcher states, the current law is too lax for drivers who violate traffic regulations resulting in numerous accidents, often with fatalities. “The time for change has come,” he says.

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