Being Conchita

Michał Szpak

Michał Szpak

This year’s Eurovision Song Contest has been hailed “a victory over homophobia and intolerance.” The winner was Thomas Neuwirth who performed as Conchita Wurst, his stage alter-ego. Michał Szpak, a Polish singer and former X-factor finalist, now somewhat forgotten by everyone, believes Conchita Wurst’s victory to be a positive omen and step in the right direction. Szpak’s gender and sexual orientation have long been under discussion by fans. He reveals that following the Eurovision victory of ‘the women with a beard’, he received many emails with congratulations. “I didn’t expect this at all because I didn’t win the Eurovision Song Contest, Mr. Conchita did, but I got so many congratulation emails, as if I’d won,” he said. Szpak hinted to his fans that he may try and enter the Eurovision Song Contest next year.

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