Micro Apartments in Warsaw

Compact but Bijou

Compact but Bijou

The real estate investor Dolcan will begin building micro apartments in Warsaw with prices starting from PLN 145,000. “Rubikon Town will offer apartments for young adults. “The Polish real estate market is still extremely homogeneous and people who look for different or new solutions encounter problems finding the right offer for them,” according to Dolcan representatives. “Small apartments currently available on the market usually have a floor space of around 30-32m2, there are not many smaller ones. These apartments often have windowless kitchens, no balcony and north-facing windows. Additionally, they are expensive.” In the meantime, there are many clients who cannot afford larger flats or their lifestyle does not require a larger living area. “Young people spend most of their time outside their flat, in college, at work or meeting friends in the city, so they need compact apartments,” according to Dolcan consumer research experts. Rubikon Town will be built in the Warsaw district of Włochy. A three-storey block of flats containing 242 micro apartments and 20 two-bedroom flats will be built in 2015. “The ground floor is designed to offer various utilities and service for residents together with a round-the-clock reception desk and CCTV monitoring,” the developer said.

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