Polish Cider Boom

Polish Cider

Polish Cider

Over the next five years, cider sales in Poland may increase to 70 million litres, according to Ambra, a Polish cru company. That is the equivalent of 2% of the beer market in Poland. Approximately, 2M litres of cider we sold in Poland in 2013. “We expect that sales this year will at least treble,” the board of the cru company said. Ambra marketed the Cydr Lubelski brand in 2013 and its board estimates that the company’s shares on the light alcoholic beverages market will exceed 40%, putting them in pole position. “As the leader of a growing market we intend to, at the very least, hold our ground,” Ambra’s board have announced. As they pointed out, the idea of the brand, the product, its packaging and the taste have been developed based on thorough consumer expectation and preferences research. “We have gauged the market, which is why our product was so enthusiastically accepted by Polish consumers. As the market grows, expectations will diversify and our work on expansion will follow,” the directors of the company said. Ambra is the largest cru company in Poland, it owns the El Sol, Fresco and Cin&Cin brands.

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