Anna Wieszczyk Draws for Americans

Polish Art

Polish Art

A graphic novel illustrated by Anna Wieszczyk, entitled “Interesting Drug”, will be published in the US in May. In the novel, a stranger from the future tells an ordinary man that he will be the one who invents a pill enabling time travel. This becomes an amazing opportunity to change his life and fix his mistakes. However, what if the time traveler is not completely truthful and the consequences of his actions are fatal? The author of the sci-fi thriller is Shaun Manning and it will be published by Boom Studios, well-known for publishing not only horror and sci-fi graphic novels but also Disney and Pixar comics for children. The 120-page book will cost about $25. Wieszczyk is a graduate of graphic design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice, Poland. She currently lives and works in Kraków. Even before graduating, she strode onto the US stage when she qualified to the final three of a competition called “Comic Book Challenge”. Several comics and graphic novels with her illustrations have already been published in America. These include: “Hell, Nebraska”, “Godkiller”, “Shift State” and “Lucid”. These books were later republished in compilations. “Lucid”, which was written by Michael McMillian, an actor known for his work in the series “True Blood”, will be adapted into a film. Wieszczyk’s work is available on her deviantart and behance profiles.

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