Anti-Racism Protest of UK Poles

Kick It Out of the UK

Kick It Out of the UK

1,500 people have signed an online petition against the discrimination of Polish people in the UK. The petition was prepared by the Polish Bikers and Polish Youth Association Patriae Fidelis. A protest also took place outside 10 Downing Street in London. During the demonstration an open letter was passed onto David Cameron, the UK Prime Minister. “The demonstration was sparked by the recent attack on a Polish biker in London which allegedly took place because of a Polish flag on the biker’s helmet. “Unfortunately, this is not the only case of discrimination and hostility towards the Polish minority in the UK,” write the authors of the petition which has been published in Polish and English in order to encourage Poles to collect signatures among both their English friends and immigrants from other countries. What ignited the situation further was an statement by David Cameron, who indicated that Polish people profit most from the British benefit system. Cameron expressed his discontent concerning the fact that the UK is losing millions of pounds of benefits for the Polish children of UK immigrants that are permanently resident in Poland. The petition’s authors continue: “According to recent University studies, Polish people have contributed, through taxes, 34% more to the British economy than the benefits received.”

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