Commemorating John Paul II

Thanking a Saint

Thanking a Saint

The Lower House of the Polish Parliament (Sejm) has passed a resolution honouring Pope John Paul II. 380 members of the Sejm voted in favour, 34 voted against, with 2 abstentions. “The day before the canonisation of the Holy Father, Pope John Paul II, head of the universal Church and a great Pole, the Sejm of the Republic of Poland expresses its gratitude to and esteem for him,” the resolution states. Before voting the speaker Ewa Kopacz appealed to MPs for a responsible attitude towards the resolution on: “the great man about whom we are voting deserves devotion like no one else.” The resolution also stated, “Nine years ago, several days after the Holy Father’s death, MPs of both houses gathered in solemn assembly and paid tribute to Pope John Paul II, a preacher of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, a great moral authority, Father and Teacher, and a man of peace and hope and the most important among the fathers of Polish independence. The Sejm of the Republic of Poland believes these words are still relevant and expresses hope that for all Poles the canonisation of John Paul II will be an opportunity for solidarity and joyful celebration. Moreover, it should encourage people to become more familiar with his intellectual and spiritual legacy and to undertake and continue his work.”

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