Polish Prisoners in UK

Race-related Criminality?

Race-related Criminality?

11,000 foreign prisoners are currently in British prisons out of a total of 85,000. Polish prisoners come top (989), followed by Irish prisoners (778), Jamaicans (711), Romanians (588), Pakistanis (522) and Lithuanian inmates (518). The annual upkeep of one prisoner amounts to £40,000. Even though the UK has signed extradition agreements with over 70 countries, they often seem to be work only on paper. Admittedly, last year there were 4,500 deportations, however, they only concerned EU states, including Poland. Under the agreement concluded by the previous Labour government, Polish prisoners may serve a sentence in the UK but only until December 2016, by which time Poland should have built new prisons. “When our penal system is in crisis, other countries must take responsibility for their own citizens,” said Glyn Travis, head of the Prison Officers Association. Jenny Chapman, shadow Justice Minister (Labour) echoes his words. “The government is wasting millions of pounds of tax-payer money and still cannot find a solution to the problem. The situation is getting worse and overcrowding grows, as does the number of attacks on prison officers, therefore, sending criminals back to their own countries would save a great deal of money,” Chapman emphasises. PM David Cameron announced the year before that he would clamp down on the situation and recently stated that the current situation requires decisive action. However, the latest case of the illegal immigrant from Jamaica proves that he is finding it difficult to implement these promises. Despite the Jamaican being convicted of murder, he avoided deportation because he was homosexual, and the court decided that he might be persecuted in his own country.

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One comment

  1. thoughtfullyprepping · May 22, 2014

    I wonder, when the jails are full up of foreigners, will we born and bred English be excused jail on the grounds that there would be nowhere safe to put us?


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