Pseudo-referendum in Ukraine

Same Again?

Same Again?

The ‘referendum’ is just another chapter in the division of Ukraine. Donald Tusk said that Poland will not recognise the results of any ‘pseudo-referenda’. “The Polish government and administration have no doubts that we are dealing with a sophisticated form of aggression,” he added. “When we met last time, after the annexation of Crimea, steps had been taken by external powers to attempt a partition of the Ukrainian state. Everything indicated that this was not the end of the Ukrainian drama. Unfortunately, it is still playing out before our very eyes,” said the Polish Prime Minister. Donald Tusk explained that the referenda held in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions fail to comply with “any standards and they are just another step on the path to partitioning Ukraine”. According to Tusk, the referenda organised by separatists in eastern Ukraine have nothing in common with democracy. Moreover, they mock democracy, he added. “They are destroying our Ukrainian neighbour. I hope that, unlike Crimea, no one in the world has any doubt that we are dealing with interference by one country in the affairs of another,” noted Donald Tusk.

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