Children in MMA Cages

Kids Learn Fast

Kids Learn Fast

In Poland, four-year-olds are already training how to fight. They are shown how to punch, kick and knock out their opponent as soon as they enter the ring. “We didn’t plan it… they got a bit carried away… It was just a showpiece fight,” explained Arkadiusz Wełna, promoter of the MMA gala that took place in a secondary school in Sieraków. According to the programme, three out of the thirteen fights were fought by teenage boys. Taller boys fought smaller boys, older ones fought younger ones. The whole situation would have remained unknown if it were not for a short film uploaded on YouTube, where we can see a tall boy kicking a younger boy in the head. MEP and World and European champion in boxing and kick-boxing Iwona Guzowska asked: “Did the boy who was knocked out have an EEG scan? Were the children insured? Were they weighed before the fight? Perhaps the public prosecutor will be able answer these questions. Marek Michalak, the Children’s Ombudsman, has already been informed of the case. Furthermore, the Polish Society of Sports Medicine does not recommend boxing to children or teenagers, to say nothing of brutal combat sports like Muay Thai. Newsweek discovered that several young boys, some weighing only 20kg, were entered into fights. This year, a children’s league was formed in Kalisz with about sixty boys and girls being signed up for the competition. The organiser of the league is Arkadiusz Wełna, the promoter of the MMA gala in Sieraków. In conversation with Newsweek, he explained: “Coaches from all over Poland asked me to organise such a competition. They wanted to find out how children would behave during sparring.” In his opinion, these competitions are not ‘fights’ but ‘sparring’. Children fights, as he is well aware, are unacceptable in Poland. Perhaps this explains why many children have started fighting outside Poland, in Ukraine, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. Amateur films made in Ukraine show children fighting with their parents cheering them on them in the background.

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Aleksandra Czyżycka


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